Case Studies


Health Plan Management System

I was assigned 2 important tasks before the visual redesign of the HPMS legacy system.

Design System: The first task was to assist the UI Architect by taking inventory and writing the UX rules for the HPMS Design System. This included taking ownership of all styles and creating a style guide.

Visual Designs: The second task was to redesign the Logo for the system.

My UX Process can be found on the home page of my portfolio.

Next task was to redesign the landing page/login page followed by the internal home page. The system had a legacy design that was in need of modernization.

Worked with the CMS stakeholders to obtain the look and feel they desired. The goal was to upgrade the site to a modern Angular framework and Material Design Components.

We added a Multi Factor Authentication feature in the second release of the HPMS Landing Page.

My team created the artwork for the Landing page.

Landing page - Authentication prototype:
Login Page/Slider option:

This is an extra version of a landing page in order to share more options.

Proposed Login Page:
Proposed Login Page:

New internal module page design.

The system has countless modules for different types of users and use cases.

Once the design system was ready to use, we were able to deliver low fidelity mockups.

We used PrimeNG for the charts and I added them to the HPMS design system and wrote the UX Rules.

Internal Dashboard:
Future Internal Dashboard - low fidelity:

Internal home page and dashboard designs were the secondary tasks for the system upgrade.

New Inernal Home page - low fidelity
Right side panel expanded.

We proposed an open concept design for the landing page, but it was not chosen for the first release.

Open Concept for the home page.
Open Concept Search:

During the redesign of the Landing page, a tertiary requirement for API documenation was added. The UI Developers requested a simple UI for the API documentation .

API Documentation Sample 1:
API Documentation Sample 2:

The Landing page was redesigned to be responsive for mobile and added to Jira for the UI Developers to implement.

Landing page - Mobile:
Landing page - Calendar:

Proposed new landing page expanded.

Proposed New Landing page: