Health Plan Management System

UX Team collaborates with our Front End Architect and the our BO (CMS - DPD) to redesign the UX framework and convert a legacy application. This is a large project that will replace a lagacy system. My role is to lead the UX Design Guide efforts for the HPMS Design Guide, along with assiting the desig of the HPMS UX Framework.

Landing page:
Internal Page:
Mobile View:

Semantic Tool:

Working with a full stack developer on an open source project. He designed the backend and I helped with the UI and data models with D3.js.

UCSF Data Visualization Projects:

Collaborated with engineers to create Ember Simple Charts add on. My role was to design build the models with their requirements. The team lead would implement the models into the Ember.js application. The models were originally designed for the UCSF School of Medicine curriculum.

Authentic Pilates Los Gatos:

Designed and developed a responsive website for a small business using the owners requirements. Authentic Pilates

Cisco Projects:

Traffic and Routing Analytics App

Designed wireframe and functoning prototype demonstrated at "Cisco Live 2016" in Las Vegas. Implemented using Angular, Bootstrap, Leaflet, Sass, jQuery, and Grunt.

OBMP App (OBMP Routing Analytics Open Source Project)

Angular, Bootstrap, jQuery, D3.js, and Grunt

Slashdot Projects:

The Slashdot Team UI/UX Lead and I were working on this style guide built with Ember.js for the past 8 months

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