Professional Experience

Softrams: October 2019 – Present

Lead UX/UI Designer/Developer

As a team lead, I organize the UX Team projects along with managing the UX/UI Design and UX Research efforts.

Establish and define UX Guidelines for a design system that supports a large scale application for the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS). Write UX rules and design use cases to help assist UI designers for future scalability and maintenance.

Collaborate with Program Managers, Tech Leads, UX Designers/Researchers, Product Analysts, and CMS (stakeholder) to build components for the Division of Plan Data's HPMS application.

Utilize Figma for mockups, wireframes, and prototypes to submit to stakeholders and deliver to developers.

pExchange - Federal Contractor for U.S. Department of Defense, Arlington, VA: August 2017 – October 2019

Senior UX/UI Engineer

Our team builds large business intelligence applications such as analytical frameworks and budgeting software. My role involves collaborating with agile teams of full stack engineers. I design the wireframes and implement the components using Angular 7. (Sass, JS, jQuery, Bootstrap, Angular CLI and NPM).

UCSF: Feb 2017 - June 2017 (Short term consulting project)

Data Visualization Programmer

Collaborated with developers at UCSF (School of Medicine) on a data visualization project for a curriculum management project (Ilios). Designed and implemented D3 charts and Ember.js reusable components for dashboard use cases.

Collaborated with creation of Ember Simple Charts add on:

Demo Donut chart for early developement
  • Donut Chart Example

  • Cisco Systems: April 2016 - February 2017

    UI/UX Developer - Cloud Native Apps

    Collaborated with UI Architects, front and backend developers to build responsive desktop and mobile apps for a data center.

    Develop the wireframes and prototype for a responsive policy editor implementing Cisco style guides, HTML5, CSS2/3, font and JS libraries for MVC framework. Provide UX design and direction.

    Commit wireframes to Git repo and work with engineers for MVC build. Continue collaboration and testing with Agile team and scrum meetings.

    Volunteer at (WiT) Women in Technology monthly sessions.

    UI/UX Developer - Chief Technology and Architecture Office

    CTAO is an innovation group. Collaborated with network engineers creating UX Storyboard slides (user centered design), UI Wireframes, Mock Ups, and implementation of UI designs and styles for a routing analytics apps.

    Traffic and Routing Analytics App

    Designed wireframe and functioning prototype demonstrated at "Cisco Live 2016" in Las Vegas. Implemented using Angular, Bootstrap, Leaflet, Sass, jQuery, and Grunt.

    OpenBMP - Open source Routing Analytics app

    Ongoing development and data visualization for a routing analytics app for an open source project. Angular, Bootstrap, jQuery, D3.js, and Grunt.

    Designed UI and implemented API Documentation with Swagger 2.0 codegen, JSON, jQuery, Maven.

    Slashdot Media: October 2014 - February 2016

    User Interface Developer - Agile Team

    User Interface Developer on an agile team consisting of front and backend engineers. Collaborated on updates, designs, and improvements for - News for nerds, stuff that matters. Added and updated interactive features to enhance the look and feel of the existing website using the following technologies: HTML5, CSS 2/3, CSS transitions, jQuery, Handlebars JS, font libraries, semantic HTML, and CSS media queries to improve responsive design for different screen resolutions. Other requirements:

    • Agile Development cycle, 2 week sprints
    • Built interactive features using Sass and CSS - polls and videos sections
    • Built sandboxes and branches using Git repos
    • Improved performance by optimizing code base using modern technologies
    • Created new polls and engagement features to allow users to have more interaction with the site
    • Created style guides to improve documentation practices – Ember.js framework
    • Introduced modern web technologies and coding practices (Modular CSS/Sass, Updated jQuery libraries, Media queries for responsive design)
    • Managed AdBlock technologies

    Cisco Systems: July 2011 - July 2014

    Web Designer/Developer - Collaboration Technology Group

    Designed and developed user interface and website that catered to the TelePresence sales force within guidelines provided by marketing and product managers. Collaborated with backend engineer to implement product documentation and content delivery from SQL database and PHP.

    Developed and maintained marketing events, launches, and product page content for the internal Collaboration Technology Group CEC (Cisco Employee Connect) website and databases.

    12 Toes Promotions - Marketing and Advertising: 2011

    Web Developer, Freelance Developer

    Collaborated with client designing and implementing custom websites for a variety of small businesses. Implementation using XHTML, CSS, jQuery, Ajax. Front end PHP, and SSL forms. Website maintenance and graphic design.

    Previous Professional Experience

    World Learning Network
    Web Developer

    Banner Ad Designer

    Kelley Blue Book
    Web Developer

    Presenting Solutions
    Web Designer
    Graphic Production

    Web Master

    Innovative Technologies Group, Inc.
    Web Designer