User Experience Design

I have over 15 years of experience as a UX/UI Designer and developing responsive desktop and mobile applications for enterprise level customers.

For the past 10 years I have been collaborating with stakeholders by gathering requirements for product design and production. Once I collect requirements and do the required usability research, I construct a user flow and user story to present to product and project managers.

I am extremely passionate about web development!

UX Process

Define user centered design flow: Persona > Research > Motivation > Result
Utilize whiteboards or drawings with stakeholders.

Collaborate and create storyboards for user persona and user flow using slides/decks with stakeholders and Agile team.

Draw and design first draft mockups and usability features with stakeholders during meetings using Balsamiq Figma.

Create mockups and prototypes with Sketch or Figma. Review with stakeholders/Project Managers/BO's and Agile team. Get final approval.

Build a design system and implement with Angular compoenents.

Implement UI designs with other UI deveopers.